Labor Day Weekend 2017

Hello Everyone,

It’s that time of year again, spots for our cabins are filling up fast for Labor Day weekend. It will be the perfect time to get out of the blistering heat in the valley, and enjoy the fresh, crisp mountain air. It will just be starting to get cold, so make sure to bring a few warm things, and remember, our fireplaces all come with a free box of wood. Give us a call, and enjoy your weekend in one of our cozy cabins.

Best Wishes

The Moonridge Family

Labor Day Weekend

Hey everybody, it’s getting busier here in the cool white mountains, but we still have some cabins available for the labor day weekend. It has been great seeing familiar faces from last year visit this summer. We appreciate everyone who has stayed with us and we look forward to seeing everyone again.

With the best regards, Dylan Jones

Welcome To Moonridge!

Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city is something most people look forward to, as the new owners of Moonridge Cabins, we understand this. Being former (and long-term) residents of Phoenix, our family has enjoyed many vacations to the White Mountains over the years, and more times than not we stayed at this very property. When we decided to become  full-time residents on the mountain and realized Moonridge Cabins was for sale, we immediately had a “family meeting” and unanimously agreed that hospitality was something we all wanted to invest in. (in every sense of the word)

Our goal now is to provide other families the same opportunity we had; To enjoy this place for years to come and create memories that will stay with them forever.

Cabins in SpringtimeI would love to tell you about the vast knowledge we about have about this business, but the truth is we are learning as we go. However, I can tell you that when we presented this idea to our three sons (Chase, Dylan, and Marc) for their approval, we all quickly agreed that there is nothing more we would rather do than to help other families make the same memories we have been afforded. Our children are a such a huge part of our life, so when we realized this is how they felt, …we could not have been happier or more proud! As far the business end of this venture, learning through mistakes is perfectly fine as long as our guests experiences exceed their expectations.

Whether it’s extra blankets or coffee you need, a late night load of firewood, or ideas and directions of things to enjoy up here, one or all of us will be available and happy to help.

We try to put ourselves in the position of those looking for a place to say when they come to Pinetop, what would they be looking for? Cleanliness, Location, and Affordability! In our humble opinion we believe you will not be disappointed in anyone of these areas..

We are only minutes from fishing, hiking, horseback riding, Hondah Casino, and only a half hour from Sunrise ski resort. Yet we are also within walking distance to restaurants, groceries and small town shopping.

As for cleanliness, well we have all been working diligently since we took over to get each and every cabin up to “mom’s standards.” From the floors to the ceilings (literally), you will enjoy the many benefits of her efforts in every cabin we have.

Whatever your reasons for visiting the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona, our family genuinely welcomes you and yours to enjoy all that we have to offer at Moonridge Cabins.


Terry and Cat Jones


Please note that there are no refunds on your deposit, if you need to cancel we can hold your deposit for up to 3 months, during which you can use the it as credit towards your next stay. Thank you and we hope to see you here!

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